One of the activities that Barbershoppers love to do most is to sing in a quartet!  This allows four people to sing together, with each person taking one of the 4 harmony parts (tenor, lead, baritone, and bass).  

In order to account for the wide variety of vocal ranges, there are typically three types of quartets:

  • Bass quartets for the lower voices

  • Mixed quartets for those quartets with both low and high range singers

  • Treble quartets for higher voices.

Keep reading to find out what some of The Arlingtones quartets have been up to!

Mixed Messages Barbershop Quartet

Tenor:  Alina Bogovic

Lead: John Reece

Baritone:  Paula Reece

Bass:  Todd Minners

Mixed Messages is a mixed quartet and we started singing together in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. Some of our members are fairly new to barbershop harmony while others have been singing most of their lives.  We can not wait until we can regularly sing with the rest of our friends in The Arlingtones!

An Irish Blessing 


On Another Note Barbershop Quartet

Tenor:  Alina Bogovic

Lead: Susan Basel

Baritone:  Miriam Heller

Bass:  Paula Reece

On Another Note is a treble quartet which formed in February of 2021.  We have not had the opportunity to sing together in person yet, but have made the most of the situation through the use of video and audio recordings for now, and we also look forwards to getting back to singing with all of our Arlingtones friends!

Please enjoy the first song we ever sang together for Valentine's Day!

The Blue Notes Barbershop Quartet

Tenor:  Susan Basel

Lead: Jackie Lay

Baritone:  Eric Weinberg

Bass:  Greg Christian

Under Construction